Marilyn and Larry Singer have identified the one common thread that was present in all their successes and failures - THEM - they were always there. Like most peoople, YOU are in the way of your own success, happiness, and eventual advancement. The time has come for YOU to get out of your own way!

Get Out of Your Way: Success is Right Behind You (GOOYW) is intended for those who have stopped short of achieving their goals and dreams and feel someone or something is always getting in their way. It's for those who are frustrated by their current position in life. It is also for those who have reached heights beyond their dreams and who, as most of us do, still want more. Read this book. Keep this book. And then read it again. Pay it forward by recomminding this book to others whom you think would benefit from it. You and they will learn how to:

  • turn fears into excitement;
  • become the person you've always wanted to be;
  • change your attitude from a wannabe to "I am;" and,
  • get out of the way of your own success.

All this is possible by getting out of your own way, because success is right behind you.

GOOYW can be purchased through us as a paperback for $15 or audio book for $19, plus $6 Priority S&H. Please click on ORDER FORM to complete and mail to us, or send us the monies via Paypal through as follows:

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