Welcome to the LUCRATIVE and EXCITING world of Probate Profits! How can you PROFIT from PROBATE? No, we are not attending funerals or chasing ambulances: we are providing a helpful service to those struggling through the probate process. And, we can actually make lots of money doing it, in four different areas:

First, through real estate investment. This is the trophy fish. Heirs going through probate are usually MOTIVATED to sell the property quickly, rather than try to rehab it and make it market ready. Using our Probate Profits Training System to identify these properties before anyone else knows they might be for sale gives you a huge advantage in negotiating to purchase the real estate...with almost no competition.

Second, the personal property of the decedent often contains valuable collections, artwork, antiques, even general estate sale items that can put cash in your pocket, with no personal exposure.

Next, privately held mortage notes are frequently found in estates. You can easily broker these in about 30 minutes for a nice commission, and again, no exposure on your part.

Finally, many heirs due to inherit cash cannot afford to - or don't want to - wait a year or two to get their hands on this money. Again, in about 30 minutes or less, you can help them sell part of their inheritance for cash now...and a commission for you...and no exposure on your part.

So, why would you want to deal with probate cases? Well, there are several very good reasons:

  1. You are helping people.
  2. The sellers are motivated.
  3. The sellers often live elsewhere.
  4. The real estate is usually not ready for market.
  5. Heirs already have their own homes, furniture, etc.
  6. There is far less competition!
  7. It is lucrative.
  8. Oh...and it's FUN!

For more great information on this exciting income stream, check out our Probate Profits Are Alive & Well Training System HERE.

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Learn how to make money in probate! Register today for our next PROBATE PROFITS webinar on Wed., Oct. 7 at 9PM (EST)!


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