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With over 30 years in advertising, Larry has valuable insight into the advertising and marketing industry, which he has been sharing for the past 15 years as a lecturer and trainer for the top training organizations around the country.

Blue Cross Blue Shield, the NFL Buffalo Bills (yes, his agency produced the ‘Shout!’ Jingle), Delta Sonic, and DFT Communications - are just a few companies with whom Larry has had the privilege of doing business.

Recognizing the fluctuations in the economy in the ‘90’s, Larry became certified to broker and train other adults in over 60 debt instruments in the cash flow industry.  Larry and his wife, Marilyn, are especially active in brokering:

·      Life Settlements – Converting life insurance policies that are no longer needed or affordable into cash for the elderly or ill;

·      ElderCare Financial Solutions – facilitating the timely admissions of the elderly or ill into nursing homes or long term care;

·      Delinquent Debt – Purchasing large portfolios of delinquent debt.

·      Real Estate Portfolios – purchasing large portfolios of REO’s (Real Estate Owned by banks or other lending institutions, following foreclosure);

Larry has trained adults from Buffalo to Hawaii to Alaska (and every state in between) to be successful in myriad businesses and helped them sharpen their communication skills.  He is an adjunct professor at the University of Buffalo in the Communications Department; and has conducted trainings on a variety of management, motivational, and real estate topics. Additionally, Larry has co-authored four books, the most recent of which, Get Out of Your Way – Success is Right Behind You, is enjoying excellent reviews.

Larry has been recognized with the American Cash Flow’s President’s Award, as well as Top Trainer of the Year; American Advertising Federation’s Crystal Prism as well as numerous other civic and professional awards.

Contact: Larry Singer at cfgsinger@roadrunner.com  716-570-8926.



Marilyn is a real estate investor, national speaker and trainer, and co-founder of Capital Asset Funding, Inc., and Capital Estate Funding, specializing in real estate investment/brokering.  Recognizing the problems faced by senior citizens, Marilyn became regional director of ElderCare Financial Solutions, facilitating the elderly’s timely admittance into long term care facilities.  She also actively brokers Life Settlements, turning no longer needed or affordable life insurance policies into cash for the ill or elderly. 

Marilyn was graduated from Empire State College with a Bachelors Degree in Professional Studies:  Business and Economics with a concentration in Advertising and Marketing.  She began real estate investing and rehabbing “on the side,” while pursuing a career in advertising.  Marilyn did both on-air and sales work in radio and television.  She has been acknowledged nationally by both Granite Broadcasting and the WB Network for her outstanding sales results. 

As VP of Consumer Advertising with (then) Ellis, Singer Webb Advertising, she supervised numerous Addy Award winning campaigns for clients including  the NFL Buffalo Bills and Blue Cross. 

Joining the American Cash Flow Assn’s Million Dollar Club in 1997, she was selected as a Visiting Instructor in 1998. She is co-author of Brokering Delinquent Debt for Fun and Profit: A Broker’s Guide, a best-seller in the industry, Life Settlements: Vast Wealth Opportunities with a Timely Income Stream, and Get Out of Your Way – Success is Right Behind You.  She authored Probate Profits are Alive and Well.

She has chaired numerous community boards and fundraising events, and has been recognized with numerous awards, including  the American Advertising Federation’s Silver Medal and Columbus Foundation’s Woman of the Year.  With husband, Larry, and son, Harrison, Marilyn trains and mentors companies and individuals in:

·       Life Settlements;

·       ElderCare Financial Solutions;

·       Probate – and the multiple income streams therein;

·       Real Estate Investment / Brokering;

·       Personal and Professional Motivation.

For creative outlet, Marilyn markets international equestrian products through their HORSEWARZ division. 

She is a Certified Image Consultant and a frequent guest speaker for private and civic groups.

Contact:  Marilyn Singer at mpsinger@roadrunner.com  716-570-6361


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