Showcoat Rental Program

HORSEWARZ is happy to offer a unique Showcoat Rental Program, specially designed with our growing young riders in mind.  You can rent one of our showcoats for a show for $25 (there is an additional security deposit required).  After the show, you can return the coat and your deposit will be returned to you.

If you prefer, you can purchase one of the coats for $85.  If your rider outgrows it, and it is still in good condition, you can trade it in to us for a $25 credit towards the purchase of another coat.

Rental Agreement

I, ___________________________(responsible adult)  agree to rent a showcoat from HORSEWARZ, for $25 for the day (or $30 for the weekend).  I agree to pay an additional $65 security deposit which will be returned to me when the coat is returned to HORSEWARZ on time and in good and wearable condition.

If the coat is not returned in good and wearable condition or not returned on time, I agree to forfeit the security deposit to HORSEWARZ.

Signature (responsible adult): _________________________________  


Date rented_____________________ 

Due back date___________________


RETURNABLE DEPOSIT_________________    

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